Your membership is very valuable to us. Most of you are qualified to become members of the Buddhist Sri Lankan Association of Victoria.

Membership criteria:

Full Member

A Sri Lankan born person, who is a follower of Buddhism, is eligible for full membership of the Association. A person with at least one of his or her parents belonging to the above category is also eligible to become a full member.

Membership fee :$15.00 per month

How to become a member;

Fill an Application for membership (membership form-pdf) Word Version
Enclose the filled form and the membership fee (annual fee is $180.00, you can pay by quarterly) in a printed envelope which is available in the temple

Drop it into the donation box in the small shrine room
Fill the electronic form for On-line Member portal
Payment Options

Online Credit Card Payments ( Through the membership portal)

Cash  (Name , Contact Number & Email address – Drop it into the donation box in the small shrine room)

EFTPOS (use the machine in the temple)


Account Details
Account Name :BSAV
BSB :083-191
Account No. :03757-9618

(Please transfer your membership payments to above account number)

Please include your name as the description when transferring money. Make sure to email details of your transaction to