Dhamma Sarana Buddhist Temple is running on your generous support.

Your monetary donations go very far….

Cash/Cheque or EFTPOS Donations

  1. You can make donations in Cash/Cheque or EFTPOS when you visit the temple (Use a printed envelope available in the temple).
  2. You can use Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). Please use following account details when do EFT

Account Name :BSAV Bank :NAB
BSB Number :083-191
Account Number :664-462-136

Note : please write your name in the info field . You can set direct debit arrangement with your bank using above account details

Online Donations

You can use the below Payment Gateway to process donations using your credit cards. (The Payment gateway is backed by Stripe which is a secure payment platform)


Event Calander

This event calendar will show only the pre-scheduled events approved by the Chief Monk and the BSAV.
There may be other functions/poojas at the temple organized by groups of devotees.

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