Sinhala Language Section is proud of its long history of providing quality educational opportunities for students.

Buddhist Sri Lankan Association of Victoria Sinhala Language was established in 1997. In 1999, we joined the LOTE (Languages other than English) program conducted by the DET (Department of Education and Training) to impart Sinhala Language as a part of 2nd language learning.

The Sinhala Language Section is now famed as an ethnic school. Our school is funded and accredited by Department of Education and Training. We follow Victorian Essential Learning Standards.

The school focuses remains on the key areas of listening, speaking, writing and reading of Sinhala Language but also offers a diverse curriculum to ensure that students receive a well rounded educational experience.

In addition to the academic focus, the school offers a strong value-based program that supports the building of individual and collective self-esteem.

To be the leading School for the Sinhala Language and Culture, providing outstanding educational and cultural programs in a stress free environment, that motivate students to excel by reaching their goals, individual strengths, and linguistic abilities

The Sinhala language program focuses on four language learning skills Listening, speaking, reading and writing. We teach and promote the Sinhala Language and Culture, the values, traditions, and customs through progressive programs, celebrations and socio-cultural functions.

We have students from Prep to Year 10

Every Sunday 3.15pm to 5.45pm (2.30 hours)