Monthly Sil Bawana(Meditation) programs are usually on the nearest Saturday to Full Moon Day. Please refer to our master calendar or event calendar on the web to know the dates. The program usually consists of Meditation, Dhamma Discussion, and a Dhamma Sermon. Lunch Dana and evening Gilan Pasa (Tea) will be provided.

Daily evening pooja starts at 7:30 PM. Usually, devotees who sponsor Daily and Monthly poojas prepare Gilanpasa/Flowers/Lanterns etc.. You all can join them. Time to time we organize “Ata Visi Buddha Pooja” and other special pooja. Please check our event calendar.
This year (2019) Vas Aradana (Inviting monks for rains retreat) is on Saturday 13 July 2019 at 7:30 PM.

Dhamma Sarana Katina (Robe Offering ceremony) will be colourfully celebrated each year. This year (2019) Katina ceremony will be on Sunday 27 th Oct 2019 from 8:00 AM.

Please refer to the Temple’s Noticeboard or contact the Secretary of BSAV to learn about the ways you could participate in.

Monthly Dhamma Sermons are usually on Full Moon Days at about 8:15 PM.

There are opportunities to sponsor Full Moon Day Dhamma Sermons (Please refer to Temple’s notice board or the event calendar).

Time to time we organise special Dhamma Sermons, they will be notified.

There will be Dhamma Sermons on all most all Saturdays during rains retreat (from Saturday 15 July 2019 to Saturday 30 Sep 2019). See the event calendar or the notice board/TV Screen at the temple.

Full Moon Day Dhamma Sermon

Dhamma Talk in English

Monthly Atavisi Pooja

Sil & Bawana Day

Sil & Bawana Day

Event Calander 

This event calendar will show only the pre-scheduled events approved by the Chief Monk and the BSAV. There may be other functions/poojas at the temple organized by groups of devotees.

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